Are you interested in rocketry, robotics, sustainable energy, geocaching, or any other outdoor activity? Then sign up for the 4-H Regional Stem Camp this Summer

REMINDER: Please take a moment to review the MCS Code of Conduct

Sports Physicals
If your child is interested in playing sports in the 2014-2015 school year, they must have a physical. Students who wish to have a sports physical done by Dr. Llobet must return their Athletic History forms to the nurse. Students without completed forms will not be given a physical. If you have any questions please call Mrs. Mary Hafner
at 586-2647 ext. 23


Bronze 2013


Common Core

Common Core Website


2014 Yearbook

ny risingVillage of Margaretville Community NY Rising Reconstruction


First Annual Evening of Recognition
Margaretville Central School hosted their first annual Evening of Recognition
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Evening of Excellence Photos . . .

MCS Hosts Meeting to Discuss
Shared Services

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The survey link can be found here.

Resources for Families of ELLs:

We are pleased to inform you about the resources for families of ELLs Blueprint for ELL Success and Documents on the Common Core: the Blueprint for ELL Success and documents from Engage have been translated into Spanish and are available for download via the links below. Also provided are the links to the corresponding documents in English.

ELL Blueprint (Spanish) ELL Blueprint (English)
Four Engage NY documents (Spanish)Four Engage NY documents (English)


The Cafeteria will have a new cash register system starting in September 2015. The new system will be similar to the present one in some ways, but will have some great new features. click here to read more . . .

On Tuesday, May 26th, Mrs. Nagle's 9th Grade Social Studies Class
visited New York City

NYC 9th Grade


EARTH DAY 1Earth Day 2

Margaretville Central School's SADD CHAPTER Celebrate Earth Day by Cleaning Up!







The Margaretville Central School's Science Research program!

The MCS's Science Research students and their Science Research Teacher, Mr. Jeffrey Mann, would like to invite you to their annual symposium on June 4th, 2015. Please join them for a fascinating evening of scientific research at the Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club in Margaretville, New York. This year feature presentations will be given by students who have participated in all three years Science Research. Topics are as diverse as the following: "Isoprene in Cyanobacteria: Thermotolerance and Optimization;" "Cryopreservation Through the Use of Anti-freeze Proteins;" "The Effects of the Psychopathic Personality Traits Manipulation and Charm on Victims;" "Self-Medication in Pyrrharctia isabella;""The Impact of Caffeine on Planarian Flatworms;""Dialect Acquisition in Downstate Migrants to the Catskills;" and "The Impact of Calcium on the reaction time of the Mimosa pudica. " The keynote speaker will be Dr. George Aaron Broadwell of SUNY Albany. Presentations will run from 5:00 to around 8:30 pm, and are open to the public.

MCS OVA Students Compete in Saratoga Springs
On Thursday, April 30th four teams from MCS competed in the 33rd Annual Olympics of the Visual Arts held at Saratoga Springs. Students had a fantastic time at the competition, and they all did very well. The teams put in over 200 hours on their projects to compete in the most challenging of categories. In Fashion, students created a wearable garment using entirely paper products.  In Drawing, students were to create a piece of art using dots, dashes, lines and textures. Teams consisted of both a Middle School and a High School Fashion Design Team, a High School Photography Team, all coached by MCS Art Teacher Ms. Michele Dietz, and a High School Drawing team, coached by MCS Art Teacher Mrs. Jen Wentland.

Please Congratulate the following students:

OVAHigh School Fashion Team: Katlynn Shamro, Mary Greene, Kaylee Sanford, Cody Rieder, BethAnn Farrell, Courtney Scheffler, Sage Finkle, Zac Clark, Casey Serdiouk, and Bianca Molnar. This team was the only High School team selected by the judges to present their work in front of the entire convention (over 1100 people). The team won 3rd place. This is the teams 4th year placing, including last year’s 1st place victory! 




OVAMiddle School Fashion Team: Victoria Janis, Paige Credaroli, Audrey VanBlarcom, Ithamar Silva, Emilie Beers, Lauren Gil, Victoria Marin, Kansas Shamro, Denali Finkle and Shania Bosley placed 3rd out of 14 other middle schools from across the state.








OVAHigh School Photography Team: Kayla Laise and Kristena Westerfeld placed 2nd out of 11 other entries!









OVAHigh School Drawing Team: Alana Moskowitz, Itahy Silva, and Lindsay Day placed first at the Olympics of Visual arts and winning overall most creative. They will be setting up their project somewhere in the school for all to come and experience.

All Teams and both advisors truly deserve a round of applause!

Itahy Silva!

Itahy Silva has been accepted into Pratt Art Institute's Summer Program! She will receive college credit for her coursework. This is an amazing opportunity for Itahy and a great way to help her prepare for and to build her senior portfolio. The program is for four weeks this summer. She will be focusing on graphic design. Good luck to you this summer Itahy!

JaneJane's Ice Cream for 30 years of business!
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Jane's Ice Cream. Jane Keller is an ESL teacher at MCS. Jane has extended an invitation to all to a birthday party in Kingston at the Farmer's Market on July 18th. Read more about the celebration and business story here.


ChainRachel's Challenge


MCS Students Start a Chain Reaction:
On November 4th, MCS students and community were inspired by the true life story of one girl's dream to change the world. Rachel Joy Scott was a remarkable 17 year-old who became the first victim of the Columbine High School Shootings. This tragedy, which occurred in 1999, claimed the lives of 12 students and a teacher, as well as both perpetrators. Learning about the life and legacy of this young woman through her journal entries and other writings, students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members became empowered to take her challenge--"To Create a Chain Reaction" Return to our website to see how MCS students, faculty, staff and community members have honored Rachel Scott and accepted her challenge.


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